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  • Oh, the land of pizzas, dreamy pasta, and gelato. Where else could I possibly be referring to other than la vita Italia? Italy has much to offer, but often bigger players like Venice, Rome, and Milan steal the show. Though I'm convinced some of Italy's smaller cities are just as (if not more) impressive as their formidable neighbors. Next to its affordability, pleasant weather and plethora of historical attractions, be sure to save this money-saving itinerary for your next trip to Padua, Italy.

  • Looking for suggestions on restaurants, bars and attractions from locals? Look no further, because we've rounded up some of our favorite weekend hangout spots around town!

  • It’s getting closer to the weekend and you wouldn’t mind planning a short stay-cation somewhere different. You want to experience something new and not yet another expensive and overrated German city. Then I would definitely recommend visiting Leipzig!

  • All the action takes place near the cathedral, pictured above, where vendors offer an array of handmade goods. We picked up some ornaments and Christmas cookies for gifting.

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  • What an amazing place to unwind for a relaxing week out of office. Between sunsets that melt into the horizon to exotic nightlife, Goa is the ultimate place to leave your worries behind. And what better way to explore India than with the trivago guy himself? Since there is much to explore in Goa, Abhinav and I made the decision to rent out a scooter and discover a new part of Goa every day of the trip.

  • Did you know that Bruges' historic city center is a prominent World Heritage Site of UNESCO? It really should come as no surprise then that Bruges is something like a real-life museum. From the ubiquitous Gothic architecture which predates the medieval times to the lively pubs, Bruges is the perfect destination for both history buffs and Belgian beer fanatics alike.

  • Parisian Style Birthday Ringing in 25 the only way I know how- with my closest family and friends in the city of love <3 Paris was such a breeze and helped make my experience enjoyable from the start. I booked my train ticket through the Thaly's website just a day before leaving and made it to Paris well under 4 hours from Dusseldorf. This is what I love about living in Europe; it is so well-connected and makes international travel sooo easy. 

  • You know what they say, a bad day in Paris is still better than a good day anywhere else. In this article we're covering all the hot spots you'll want to see for a quick trip to the Ville des Lumières